Taking DWOS for a Test Drive

For those users who want to try before you buy, you can download the DWOS client and connect to one of our demo DWOS Servers. This will allow you to see how the system works, though it will be connecting to a database hosted at our facilities. Connection speed should be fine if you are using a cable modem or a comparable connection speed.

To use the the demo client follow the easy steps below:

1 - Download the DWOS Client

First, navigate to the following location: http://www.getdwos.com/
You'll need to register for as a User to access client downloads.  Once registered, your credentials will immediately authorized by a member of the DWOS Team.  You'll now be able to download the latest DWOS Client release in the following location http://www.getdwos.com/Support/Downloads.aspx

2 - Install DWOS Client

After you have downloaded the client, you must then install it on your machine.
The DWOS client does not typically require administrative permissions to install. Though, if you do not have certain prerequisites on your machine, like the Microsoft .Net Framework, then administrative rights will be required.

3 - Run DWOS Client

After the client has successfully been installed, you can start the application. Once DWOS loads, it will ask for a server connection. In the server connection dialog click the 'Demo' link and it will automatically fill in the demo server connection information for you. Click OK and you are good to go. If you do not have a login then please contact a customer service representative to get a login pin at the following location.


If you have trouble connecting to our demo server then it may be because of your firewall. You have to have the following ports open on your firewall:
  • DWOS Server - 8080 (TCP)
  • SQL Server - 1433 (TCP), 1434 (UDP)
Remember, the data hosted on the server is used by several customers trying out DWOS, so please do not post any sensitive information.
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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