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DWOS Report Server

Report Portal

DWOS has a new report portal starting in version 21.1.  To greatly extend the reporting capability of DWOS, users can now access company reports via a new web report portal.  The new portal gives you and your employees access to DWOS data via predefined or custom reports.  This portal provides all the reports currently available via the DWOS UI as well as the ability to create new report or modified reports that extend your visibility into your operation in DWOS.  If an existing report would benefit from additional fields, graphs, charts, or tables they can be modified and republished.

The new report capability is built on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting server and extend the SQL Server database DWOS uses.  Coupled with a powerful report builder DWOS data can be queried and formatted to present information in many formats like PDF, Excel, PPT, PDF, and other.

Though this portal comes stocked with the reports you are familiar with in DWOS you may want more.  For that we offer service to add and update report to meet the needs of you organization.  We can work with you to make these changes for you and get on track to using the data to best track your production.  Contact one of our representatives about what we can offer.






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