Quality Systems

DWOS is a complete work order management system designed specifically for the surface finishing industry. DWOS is flexible enough to benefit shops of all sizes and standards. However, it excels in aiding shops that must follow process specifications and meet demanding quality standards, such as ISO, Nadcap, and other quality systems. Listed below are some features that separate DWOS from the competition.

Just a few of the ways we CAN help you improve shop quality...

True Paperless Processing

Ensure that all answers are completed and correct every time. Easily prevent careless errors while speeding processing time and preventing lost paperwork.

Order Review

A leading problem in shops is incorrectly entered work orders. Prevent this with the automated order review process which can be configured to require a separate operator to review each order for accuracy.

Document Management

Keep all important documents, including specifications and work instructions, in a centrally accessible secure location. Operators can quickly access the latest rev of any document when required.

Process Aliases

Wouldn't it be nice if the process on the PO matched your processes exactly? They can, with process aliases, which allows you to create several aliases for each process code, which can even be customer specific.

Control Inspections

Individually configure inspections to occur after each process to ensure all quality standards are met. Inspections can be as simple or as complex as you want.

Rework Workflows

Rework can be complicated. We make it easier by implementing rework processes, including split, split-hold, quarantine and others along with the ability to inject additional corrective processes on the fly.

Final Inspections

When all work on an order is complete the orders can go through a final inspection to ensure that everything was done correctly as specified in the PO. Printing a Certificate of Conformance verifies everything is correct.

Part Marking

Another tedious and error prone task we have made easy, Part Marking integration allows you to just push a button to upload the text to be printed. All based on easily configurable part marking templates.

Revision Control

Ensuring everyone is on the same page is critical to ensuring quality and your sanity. We have revision-controlled parts, processes, documents and more along with freezing processes and document linking. All to ensure no one is working with old information.

Are you Nadcap or ISO Accredited?

We are helping today's shops adhere to Nadcap and ISO 9001 standards. With our rigid and configurable workflows and paperless processing capabilities, DWOS is equipped with features needed for you to apply the highest quality finishing guidelines to your production process with ease. So whether you are NADCAP accredited or ISO 9001 compliant, DWOS helps you breeze through your audits.

Preparing for an Audit?

Year after year, keeping organized records and gathering the necessary information needed for an audit can prove to be not only a hassle but difficult as well. We understand this issue and made it a priority in DWOS' design to do away with file cabinets by simplifying the gathering of information for an audit to the click of a button. This is now possible since all of the necessary Nadcap data is stored in the system for quick and easy access.

What is Nadcap?

Nadcap is an unparalleled cooperative industry effort to improve quality, while reducing costs, for quality assurance throughout the defense and aerospace industries. Being Nadcap Accredited conveys to a potential customer that you are meeting the most stringent industry standards.

What is ISO?

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. ISO international standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable, and of favorable quality. They are strategic tools for business that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity. They assist companies in accessing new markets, balancing the playing field for developing countries, and promoting free and fair global trade.

Want more Information?

If you want to read a little more about how we can help you improve shop quality, then read a quick white paper on how we can help.

 Improving Shop Quality