Product Release Info

DWOS 22.1.1 Release Notes

Released:       6/15/2022
Version: Final
Update Type:  Major
Type Description
Bug Fixed Issue where the Part Quantity was inadvertanly getting set to zero (0) during import from receiving
Bug Fixed issue with fees not recalculating when the Customer field change on new orders
Bug Fixed issue with fees not recalculating correctly when the Lot/each field changed
Bug Fixed default Fees not adding automatically for customer fees on new orders
Bug Fixed Scheduling button not showing when production capacity is selected - Regression
Bug Fixed issue with History not showing for some orders
Bug Fixed issue with NULL value due to debug info statement for partquantity not getting to string.
Bug Fixed issue where QuickBooks Sync process did not truncate Address 1 and Address 2 to the max length for QB.
Bug Fixed to shipping notification null ref error
Bug Fixed issue where default Shipping Notification contacts in shipping where not getting selected
Bug Fixed issue with Receiving order import dataset
Bug Fixed Receiving and Part Racking labels
Bug Fixed issue with Receiving Label Tokens not presenting the correct value
Bug Fixed issue with Receiving Label fields in receiving
Bug Fixed issue with Inspections
Bug Fixed issue with copy custom fields value having no values
Bug Fixed issue where list in custom field did not copy
Bug Fixed issue with Open Sales Orders not showning for Closed Orders
Bug Fixed issue with Date returning null on print labels
Bug Fixed issue with QB License File update
Bug Fixed issue with leaving Receiving Date Null in receiving dialog
Bug Fixed issue with SampleQuestion overriding None question type
Bug Fixed issue with Import Quote Part receiving error
Bug Fixed Rack Label Dialog for Part Image
Bug Fixed issue with QB Deptments Export format
Bug Fixed issue with Shipping notification receiving error
Bug Fixed issue to SampleSet inspection question Save
Bug Fixed issue with samples printing on COC
Bug Fixed QB connection error message
Bug Fixed Settings dialog to resize and show correctly
Bug Fixed issue with new 'ShowOnQuote' option for quote paret processes not set for existing part processes in DB during upgrade
Bug Fixed issue with rework split not printing both new traveles
Feature Added Use Default Fees to Settings
Feature Added Deptment column to Part processes in part manager
Feature Added Racking Label TOKENs
Feature Added numeric editor to Order Entry for Days Until required to update the required date
Feature Added TOKENS to CSV Export
Feature Added Default Fees Set by Default
Feature Added ability to move work order in and out of Sales Orders.
Feature Added ability to Print Rack Labels
Feature Added SQL Update for Part rack labels
Feature Added mobile endpoint update conversion of sample question to decimal
Feature Added script to add new field to the customer table for show serial number on approval subject line.
Feature Added Show S/N in subject line for approval notification emails when option select in customer
Feature Added Process Inspection Sample Question type to inspections
Feature Added new fields to receiving import dialog
Feature Added Process column to the manual schedule tab
Feature Added COD on Traveler if option selected on customer
Feature Added ability to print from the Receiving dialog to a label document.
Feature Added new Label type of Receiving to Containers and added new token type of company image for labels
Feature Added option to set the number of containers and print them as labels. Also reworked the Receiving dialog.
Feature New report server portal