Desktop Client

The desktop client allows you to manage your orders from start to finish and provides the situational awareness and management capabilities that separates DWOS from the competition. Request a demo to see the desktop client in action now!

Work Orders

DWOS is a robust work order management system designed with the surface finishing job shop in mind. This system was created from the ground up with your needs in mind.

  • Easily create and manage all orders
  • Bulk Editing allows you to edit multiple orders at the same time
  • Attach documents to the order for easy tracking
  • Quickly view pricing history of any order
  • Create custom part marking templates
  • Track all customer communications about any order
  • View any COC's created for an order and create revisions
  • Track any rework required on an order
  • Force orders to go through an order review processes based on the operator


Track every part that comes into and leaves your shop. You will know where parts are and what has been accomplished from receiving to shipping.

  • Manage all parts by customer
  • Attach documents like drawings, masking directions, or images
  • Define default pricing for the part
  • Manage processes required for each part
  • Calculate surface area for tracking and management purposes
  • Copy parts between customers


Maintain organization and provide better service by having your customer data in one easily accessible place.

  • Manage all customers and contacts
  • Define available shipping methods for each customer
  • Set customers payment methods and customer standing
  • Define part mark templates based on manufacturer/airframe
  • Assign which contacts want to receive shipping notifications
  • Define custom fields for each customer


Rest easy knowing your data is secure. DWOS provides several security options to ensure that your data is safe.

  • Fine-grained permission controls
  • Integrated smartcard to prevent unauthorized access
  • Role-based security groups to simplify permission management
  • Low cost secure smartcards available for purchase


When you need answers, you'll find them quickly. DWOS gives you complete visibility and insight into each process from beginning to end with ease and precision.

  • Quickly develop processes, steps, and questions
  • Maintain proper revision control of each process
  • Provide ample room to add notes and comments to each step and question
  • Define each question to be constrained to required answers
  • Set when control inspections are required
  • Define custom control inspection questions and answers
  • Create process packages to quickly group commonly used processes together

Order Processing

Stop chasing forms and paperwork and ensure all required data is being collected for each part being processed.

  • Check Orders In/Out to each department with barcodes
  • Print Work Order Traveler to track each order
  • Complete paperless processing by completing all steps in the application
  • Ensure all answers are correct before proceeding to next step
  • Batch orders together to process multiple orders at the same time
  • Full accountability of answers entered
  • Complex answer validation based on multiple fields


Now you can enjoy easier, more efficient shipping and tracking with confidence.

  • Create and validate shipment packages
  • Validate all orders in a package have the same shipping method
  • Print individual order shipping labels to identify each part
  • Track each package and order via tracking number
  • Automatically send shipping notifications to customers
  • Print shipping reports and summaries

Much More...

DWOS is packed with features to help you get the job done with ease and efficiency.

  • Automatically link to QuickBooks to create invoices
  • Create professional quotes to send to customers
  • Complete Final Inspections to generate certificates of conformance
  • Dozens of customer reports available
  • Integrated with VideoJet Part Marking machines to auto upload part templates


Here is a list of some popular hardware accessories for DWOS:

  • Zebra Label Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Document Scanners
  • Smart Cards
  • Android Tablets

For more details check out the hardware recommendation page!

Missing Something?

Is DWOS missing some key feature you need to make it work for you? Maybe we already have the feature or maybe we have a way to work around this for you. If all else fails, we can customize DWOS to fit your needs. 

Talk to your sales representative to see what we can do to make DWOS work for you!