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What's New in 17.2

DWOS Version 17.2 contains numerous New Features and Workflow Enhancements to vastly improve Traceability, Processing Flow challenges, and Order Lifecycle Visibility.  

Rejoin Tool

The DWOS Order Rejoin gives DWOS Users the ability to combine previously split Work Orders. Orders may only be ‘Rejoined’ with Orders with identical PO values and Parent Orders (The Order from which the Split was originated). In order to Rejoin, Work Orders must also be located in the same Current Department, with the same Order Status in DWOS. Original, Split, and Rejoin Order History and Traceability will be available in the Order Entry Dialog.

(See Instructional Slides for additional instruction)

Serial Number Editor

With the use of Basic and Advances Serial Number functionality, DWOS Users can now track and manage specific Part and Order Traceability. The Serial Number Editor work in conjunction with the DWOS Split and Rejoin workflow to accurately monitor and report Serial Numbers within Work Orders.

(See Instructional Slides for additional Instruction)

Custom Fields in Order Processing

Another New addition to DWOS is the use of Custom Field Values in Order Processing Answers. Users can now modify Process Answers or dictate and flow-down to Users, specific Answer parameters and tolerances. Utilization of this workflow will also provide time-saving options when creating and modifying DWOS Processes.

Custom Field Default Values

DWOS users now also have the ability to preset Default Values in Bulk and Customer-Specific applications. Default Values can be setup in New and Existing Custom fields within the Customer Manager.

(See Instructional Slides for additional Instruction)

Manual Scheduling

DWOS Users also now have the capability to Manually Schedule Orders, sorted by Department, and flow-down to Operators via the WIP Screen and DWOS Mobile. After prioritizing Orders, Schedules can be printed or viewed from all connected DWOS devices. To access this feature, choose Manual from the Scheduling Type in General Administrative Settings. Be sure to enable Scheduling via the checkbox before exiting the dialog.

Auto-Thickness Calculation in Order Processing

The DWOS Process Manager now contains three ‘Smart’ Answer Type for Process Questions. To Utilize this feature, Users must add Questions for ‘Decimal Before,’ ‘Decimal After’, and ‘Decimal Difference’ within a Process Step. Upon Answering Process Questions for ‘Before’ and ‘After,’ DWOS will automatically calculate the ‘Decimal Difference’ and populate the field with the calculated value. This workflow was designed with the intent of assisting DWOS Users gather and manager Coating Thickness data.

Statement of Repairs

DWOS 17.2 also contains the capability to create an automatically populated Statement of Repairs. The Statement of Repairs organizes all required data required by Brokers and US Customs for shipments crossing the United States and Canadian border. The Statement of Repairs may be enabled from the Administrative Settings in the Workflow Section.

Syspro Integration

DS2 and DWOS now offer Customizable Integration with Syspro Financial Systems. Now, along with Quickbooks and .CSV, Syspro Finance Users may perform seamless Invoice Exporting from DWOS Client. Accounting Settings may be configured from the Administrative Settings in the Accounting Section.


  • Ability to Resize WIP and Batch Screen Columns [12151]
  • Remove Name Column from DocumentLink Table [10221]
  • Rename Permission used for Employee Resource Center [10843]
  • Server – Run Backup if Scheduled Time is missed [11148]
  • Add Rotor Part Shape [11243]
  • Add Length Part Shape [11661]
  • Add Shipping Address on Labels [11668]
  • Show/Hide Required Date on Orders [11669]
  • Optionally Require Order Entry Filer to exactly match content [11670]
  • Show Box Number on Packing Slip [11671]
  • Include ‘minimum’ on lot charge on Quote [11676]
  • Change ‘Shipping’ to ‘Ship To’ on WO Traveler and COC [12054]
  • Show Total Amperage on Batch Traveler [12085]
  • Update Default CSV Invoice Format for new installs[12198]
  • Use Scale Net Weight in Containers Dialog [12253]
  • Labels – Support Multi-Line addresses [12405]
  • Closed Orders Report – Customer Address [12408]
  • Server – Improve Backup Progress Indication [12421]
  • Packing Slip – Add Serial Number [12513]
  • Order Entry – Quick Filter by Serial Number [12342]
  • Improve Part Report Image Quality [13332]
  • Add Ship To name to Traveler [13246]
  • Add Ship To name to CoC [13247]
  • Show Total Number of Serial Numbers [13248]
  • Document Manager - Replace Does Not Automatically Refresh File [13252]
  • Traveler-Optionally Replace Qty/Date/By fields with checkbox [13331]
  • Increase Signature size on CoC [12820]
  • Added Part Description to Labels [13599]
  • Ability to close Primary Order from WIP [12767]


  • Server update can fail if ‘lbs’ is already defined [10962]
  • Portal – Contact Info sometimes does not load [10974]
  • Portal Crash (failed to load viewstate) [10975]
  • Can Remove Contact Name through Portal [10976]
  • Server Admin – Some Backup Options are enabled when Backup is disabled [11146]
  • Server – Backup Cleanup can remove incorrect files [11151]
  • Quotes Incorrectly show Percentage Fees as Fixed [11169]
  • DB Install Bug – Problem when installing DB [11247]
  • Order Receipt Report pulling in incorrect data [11485]
  • Quotes use old Values for Price Points [11756]
  • Portal – Report downloads may be corrupt [11891]
  • Dashboard Load/Save Do Nothing [11892]
  • Shipping Manager –Box Numbers do not automatically update [11980]
  • ‘Add Blanket PO Order’ Dialogs may show incorrect remaining Quantity [11984]
  • Data Importer – Contacts Import throws error when Name is blank [12063]
  • Cannot resize Columns in WIP/Batch Screens [12151]
  • Order Receipt – The value for column ‘BasePrice’ in table “Order’ is DBNull [12177]
  • Next Department is ‘None’ [12180]
  • Graphical Bug when resizing Containers Dialog [12252]
  • Scale related crash when using in-use serial port [12277]
  • Order Entry used old values for Price Points [12372]
  • Work Order Traveler crashes if Customer address is blank [12353]
  • Error when adding duplicate document to Inspection or Process [12382]
  • Order Entry – Error when showing old Shipment Package [12527]
  • Fix Syspro Format [12665]
  • Fixed Valid Email Address Error – Customer Portal [13274]
  • Add Estimated Ship Date to Labels [13275]
  • WO Traveler and COC - Ship To Shows Customer Address Zip Code [13265]
  • Cannot Split Orders with Labor Data [13080]
  • DWOS Freezes When Adding WO to Batch [13660]
  • Portal Crashes if Order Required is blank [13624]
  • Fixed Quarantined Orders in Order Status Report [13625]
  • Fixed Customer Portal Settings on Reinstall [13587]
  • LoadCustomizations can Crash DWOS [13329]
  • Rejoin does not add History Event [13225]
  • Fix & Use ‘fnGetOrderTotalPrice’ to calculate Order totals [9472]

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