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What's New in 16.2?

DWOS Version 16.2 is loaded with new features to save your shop time and money; while keeping a focus on quality.  The new Time Tracking feature will provide valuable Labor and Processing time to assist with Job Costing.  The DWOS Mobile experience has been enhanced by adding the ability to view Order related documents from your phone or tablet.  The Mobile User interface has been improved with better screen contrast, displaying the logged in User, and improving the Order Processing functionality. The DWOS Load Capacity feature will inform your operators of Process weight or quantity capacity.  Along with these features are numerous Feature enhancements and bug fixes

Time Tracking       

The DWOS Time Tracking tool will help accurately gauge Processing and Labor time for each DWOS Order.  This tool was developed to assist Customers in Job Costing.  When an [in process] order is selected on the WIP Screen, the Processing and Labor control icons on the toolbar will illuminate. The Department selector must match the selected order to apply time data.   Time collection can then be started, stopped or paused by selecting the corresponding icon.  Time tracking data can be viewed in Order Entry, the Time Tracking Report, or the Time Manager found in the Tools tab.  The Time Manager is an Admin level tool that allows Management to view and edit all Time tracking Orders and Operators. Additionally, we have added ‘Operators’ to the field chooser for the DWOS WIP Screen.  The DWOS Time Tracking feature can be turned on or off from the Administration Settings menu.

Load Capacity

The new Load Capacity feature informs Operators how many parts or how much weight to load in each cylinder, basket or flight bar.  DWOS will also calculate how many runs or cycles necessary to process the Order.  Load capacity can be assigned at a Process level or a Part level.  The Part Load Capacity will always take precedence over the default Process capacity.  Each process being applied to a part can have its own Load Capacity.  The Load Capacity for each process will be printed on the traveler and can be viewed in the Order Summary, in Order Entry, or on DWOS Mobile.

Multiple Order Certifications

With DWOS 16.2, you now have the ability to add multiple orders to one Certification.  From the Shipping dialog, add orders to packages like normal.  When you’re ready to create a Certification, select Create Certificate from the toolbar and DWOS will generate a CoC for all of the orders within the package. Remember that you can adjust the information that is populated on Certifications from the Admin Settings under the Workflow node.


Mobile Processing Enhancements

With 16.2, Mobile Processing in DWOS is easier than ever.  Now users have the ability to view all documents attached to a Part, Process, Order, or Inspection from the DWOS Mobile Application. The current logged in user will now be displayed at the top of DWOS Mobile.  Mobile processing, screen contrast and User Interface have also been enhanced. 

Scale Integration

Now DWOS has the ability to link to Sterling weight scales.  From the Final Inspection dialog, select the Tools icon.  Next select the scale and port to illuminate the scale controls in Final Inspection.  When weighed, the Gross Weight field will be updated with the measurement from the scale. 

Quote Notes

Any notes entered in a Quote will now transfer to the newly created Order and on the Traveler.  This is a convenient method for relaying racking methods or Special Processing notes to Operators on the shop floor.

Open Quote Notification

Now when entering an Order, DWOS will inform the user if the part being entered exists in a currently open quote for that customer.  This feature should alleviate pricing errors caused when Order Entry personnel miss previously quoted parts.

Material Costing with Reports

From the Process Manager, Users may now assign a material cost to each process.  Material Costs may be in a weight or surface area format.  Two new reports have been created to communicate Material Costing data. The Order Cost Report allows the User to designate a customer or all customers, as well as a time frame of results to display.  Once compiled, the report displays Labor cost, Material cost, Burden cost, and Profit Margin. The Profit Comparison Report displays essential Labor and Costing data per part.  Select a Customer and Part, and DWOS will compare metrics for each time the part has been processed. 


Added Invoicing options for QuickBooks

•     Unlocked ‘Ship To’ field in Shipping dialog

•     Notifications for Constrained processes

•     Added Total Cost field in Calculator                              

•     Enhanced screen contrast on DWOS Mobile

•     Display logged in User on DWOS Mobile

•     Added ability to remove Order from in-use Batch

•     Added maximum number of records in Closed Orders

•     Ability to disable Process Pricing popups

•     Scale Control Inspection dialog on maximize

•     User image uses User initials

•     Added Target Price to Advanced Calculator

•     Added precision to Advanced Calculator

•     Added ability to print label from Order Entry

•     Added precision to Surface Area Calculators

•     Enhanced visibility of ‘On Hold’ orders

•     Added Gross Weight to Packing Slip

•     Enhanced ‘On Hold’ history

•     Enhanced formatting of Mobile process steps

•     Added option for ‘auto-passing’ Inspections

•     Added Gross weight to CoC Label

•     Added ability to create Dependent Orders

•     Enhanced function of QuickBooks sync

•     Enhanced warning for missing Process Pricing

•     Added Operators column to WIP Screen

•     Added Shipping barcode to Label Tokens

•     Added Primary Order ID to WIP Screen

•     Added Time Tracking Report

•     Added Load Capacity to Mobile Processing

•     Enhanced sorting method for DWOS Mobile

•     Added Template for Final Inspection data

•     Added Print/View option for Final Inspection   CoC

•     Added confirmation prompt for Exporting Invoices

•     Added Package ID to Packing Slip

•     Added ‘Master Control’ for Order Review

•     Added Package ID to Advanced Searching fields

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error closing QuickBooks
  • Fixed WO Summary error
  • Fixed QB’s export error
  • Fixed Constrained process icon error
  • Fixed copying Process error
  • Fixed editing lists error
  • Fixed Mobile Time In/Out error
  • Fixed QuickBooks Customer Address error
  • Fixed error copying Process Steps
  • Fixed Dashboard refreshing error
  • Fixed Reset Order Tool error
    Fixed Webcam error
  • Fixed Mobile processing error
  • Fixed Pricing error in Quoting
  • Fixed Mobile Batch Inspection error
  • Fixed Sales Order date change error
  • Fixed Pricing error in Part Manager
  • Fixed Installer previous version error 

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