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What’s New in 16.1

DWOS Version 16.1 contains new features, tools, and enhancements that focus on improving job shop accuracy. Quoting and Pricing have been improved with the addition of Process Level Pricing, Volume Discount Pricing, as well as an Advanced Price Calculator for Quoting.  We have also integrated with Webcams, so adding an image has never been easier.  Additionally, new fields have been added to the Work In Progress (WIP) screen to improve shop visual awareness.

Process Level Pricing

Process Level Pricing is a tool designed to organize and distribute the price of a part by its associated processes.  This means you can assign an Each or Lot price for each separate process applied to the part.  This price can be set within the Quote, as well as Part Manager.  Along with the pricing enhancement, we have given users the ability to add Accounting codes to each process.  These codes will ensure that the separated monies from your processing are distributed into your ledger accounts accurately.

Accounting Codes

Along with the Process Level Pricing tool are Department Level Accounting Codes.   Assigning a code to each department will ensure that the revenue will follow the order from Quoting all the way through the DWOS Export Invoices Tool and into designated accounts.  This will give you the ability to accurately gauge Department Revenue within DWOS and Accounting Systems.  Department Accounting codes can be utilized by customers using QuickBooks, as well as customers exporting invoices to a .CSV (excel) format.

Integrated Webcam

DWOS now has the ability to integrate with your connected Webcam.  This feature will allow the user to capture a part image, masking template, or racking instruction without leaving DWOS.  From the Media box in the Parts Manager or Receiving dialogue, selecting the Scanner button will now also activate the webcam where images can be captured and attached to the part or order with one click.  To view the preview pane while using the Integrated Webcam, simply check the box for ‘Use Full UI’ (User Interface) in the media settings dropdown menu.

Advanced Calculator for Quoting

Also included with DWOS 16.1 is an Advanced Calculator for Quoting.  By utilizing your existing shop metrics, DWOS can help you determine the following: Rate (parts per hour), Labor Cost, Material Cost, Overhead Cost, and Markups.  DWOS will then add these totals to determine your Part cost.

Bulk Custom Fields

Another valuable enhancement to DWOS is the addition of Bulk Custom Fields.  A Bulk Custom Field will perform in a similar manner to a Customer Custom Field, the only difference being Bulk Custom Fields are applied to all customers.  As with standard Custom Fields, Bulk Fields can be used to collect unique or specific information or advise operators on racking, best practice, or quality notifications.  Use the ‘Ctrl’ key to select the customers to apply the Bulk Custom Field.

Volume Discount Pricing

Another useful pricing tool included in DWOS 16.1 is Volume Discount Pricing.  This feature will allow you to set multiple price points based on part quantity ranges.  Volume Discount Pricing can be turned on or off via the pricing node in Administration Settings.

Additional Fields on WIP Screen

With a focus on improved visual awareness and personalization, DWOS 16.1 now contains additional fields in the ‘Field Chooser’ dialogue on the WIP Screen.  These include the new Bulk Custom Fields, standard Custom Fields, and also the Required Date (P.O. Required Date).  The addition of the fields is another tool to make the DWOS WIP Screen a personalized, real-time snapshot of your shop.   Remember, your WIP Screen is YOURS! Open as many tabs, batch screens, or dashboards as you like.  When DWOS is opened again from the same console, your WIP Screen will be exactly as you left it.

Additional Issues Resolved

  • Extended Price and Weight Units for added precision
  • Improved UI speed on Android Mobile application
  • Added Work Order ‘footer’ for traceability of multi-page documents
  • Added Rename and Replace tool to Document Manager
  • Fixed login error on Android Mobile application
  • Fixed error while splitting Batches
  • Fixed error transferring part prices into Order Entry
  • Fixed custom field error in Quickbooks
  • Fixed missing date in Final Inspection dialogue

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