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What's New in 15.2.0

Included in DWOS Version 15.2 are features, enhancements, and improvements to help streamline your processes, customize your experience, and improve overall situational awareness. Features like the new Presentation Mode and Batch Production Report will improve transparency, while Added Pricing Units, and Part-level weight input will help tailor DWOS to your specific needs.

Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode is a new feature, designed to consistently keep employees and management up-to-date on workload and production. Presentation mode, like the Dashboard, is a simple, unique, and comprehensive tool to stay ahead of your production schedule. Presentation Mode continuously loops through all user-created WIP and Batch screens, as well as Dashboards, at a defined pace. The Presentation Mode cycle speed can be adjusted in the General folder in User Settings.

Lot by Weight and Each by Weight Pricing

These two new pricing units will enhance your ability to quote and process jobs with pinpoint accuracy. Gone are the days of pricing based on quantity alone. Now you have the option to quote and price based on part and order weight. This is an exciting new option for clients processing large quantities of small parts. The feature is enhanced further with the new option of entering part weight while in the Receiving dialogue.

New Widgets in the Dashboard

This release contains two new widgets within the popular Dashboard feature. The first is a Rework Reason widget. This tool will display reworked job statistics based on date range, department, and rework reason. This widget is an easy way to pinpoint and eliminate costly rework.

Another new feature within the Dashboard is a ‘Department Goal Line.’ This will be displayed within the Department Production Dashboard Widget. The Goal Line can be set at a different production rate for each department. Similar to the Rework Reasons widget, it can be filtered by a date range as well as department. The Goal Line feature gives simple, visual awareness to department load and capacity. Goal line and department can be set via the widget settings icon in the lower left corner of the window.

New Batch Production and Part History Reports

Also new to DWOS are the Batch Production and Part History Reports. The Batch Production Report will display information on batches ran within a specified date range. This data includes batch number, customer, order number, part number, date opened and date closed. The Part History Report provides date-range specific metrics for any part number previously processed. The historical data included in this report is customer, order number, order price, pricing unit, processing days, and whether or not the part required reworking.

Batched Orders on WIP Screen

Another helpful enhancement to DWOS is adding ‘child orders’ to the WIP-Batch Screen. When viewing your batches, you are now able to display all orders within the batch by clicking the drop down menu to the left of the Batch ID. This will show all the batched work order numbers as well as any other desired order data without leaving the WIP screen.

Additional Issues Resolved

  • Added ability to add media in Order Processing 
  • Added Description field to Traveler, CoC, and Packing Slip 
  • Added Work Order and Sales Order invoicing prefixes 
  • Added printer programming language options 
  • Fixed signature issue on CoC Fixed CoC Work Order field length issue 
  • Fixed date in Control Inspection 
  • Fixed Pass/Fail reporting in Work Order Summary 
  • Fixed Time In/Time Out, Duration issue in Order Processing 
  • Fixed issue with Packing Slip omitting Customer data

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