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What's New in 15.1.2

Version 15.1.2 comes with several new exciting features and enhancements that we have been working on this quarter. A few of the many items that we are excited to include are: Changes to Quote Manager to use standard process, Process Manager has new states (Planned, Approved, Closed) for processes, new Dashboard Widgets, ability to use logged in users signature on the Certificate of Conformance, new Advanced Surface Area Calculator, new Label Editor tokens, additional fields added to Packing Slip Report Editor, ability to Split Orders while in a Batch, and the ability to add notes to closed orders.

Quote Manager

Quote Manager is now designed to use standard processes and no longer uses specialized quote processes. Previously in DWOS, quotes utilized their own quote processes. This kept the quoting process very simple, but caused confusion when parts were created from the quote. Now quotes are created with standard processes and when a quote is converted to an order, the part number, size and price will convert to the Work Order, along with the standard processes. With this new feature, when creating a quote in quote manager, the user simply has one set of standard processes to add to a part. This new feature allows users to use all the features of standard processes, including the ability to use customer processes aliases if needed.

Process Manager – Planned, Approved, Closed

In Process Manager, we have added the ability for processes to have a well-defined state. Process can currently have a state of Planned, Approved or Closed. Planned process will be highlighted in orange and identifies processes that have been created but have not been approved to be used on the shop floor. Approved processes are green and identify processes that have been approved for use on the floor. Closed processes are red and identify processes that are no longer active. The use of process states aids in your shops process planning and approval process, ensuring only properly approved processes can be added to orders.

Orders Due Widget

As requested by a valued customer, we have added a new widget to the Dashboard in DWOS, the Orders Due widget. The Orders Due widget shows all the open orders and counts for when they are due; Late, Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due in 3 days, 4 days, +. This provides more customized reporting information with in DWOS. This is another great dashboard widget to be used to display your shops overall health on a big screen television.

New Advanced Surface Area Calculator

DWOS now has a new Advanced Surface Area Calculator! The Advanced Surface Area calculator doesn’t replace the Basic Calculator, it is still available; but this new calculator is an enhancement that allows the user options for measuring advanced shapes like; Box, Cone, Cylinder, Donut, Plane, Pyramid and Sphere, this provides you a more precise control of area calculations and also allows exclude areas from the calculation. In the future, this calculator will provide even more advanced shape types and advanced exclusions and masking areas.

Custom Signature's

As requested by a valued customer, the Certificate of Conformance generated by DWOS, can now include the digital signature of the Quality Inspector performing the Final Inspection. A signature, if required, can now be added to the requested user in User Manager and the user can be granted the right to “Sign COC”, and this will generate the user’s digital signature on the Certificate of Conformance. This enhances the CoC by providing the digital signature of the actual Quality Inspector performing the inspection and certifying that the parts were processed according to the prescribed process(es). The current behavior, utilizing the default quality manager’s signature, will still be used if the user doesn't have ‘Sign COC’ ability checked in user manager.

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