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What's New in 17.2

DWOS Version 17.2 contains numerous New Features and Workflow Enhancements to vastly improve Traceability, Processing Flow challenges, and Order Lifecycle Visibility.  

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What's New in 16.2?

DWOS Version 16.2 is loaded with new features to save your shop time and money; while keeping a focus on quality.  The new Time Tracking feature will provide valuable Labor and Processing time to assist with Job Costing.  The DWOS Mobile experience has been enhanced by adding the ability to view Order related documents from your phone or tablet.  The Mobile User interface has been improved with better screen contrast, displaying the logged in User, and improving the Order Processing functionality. The DWOS Load Capacity feature will inform your operators of Process weight or quantity capacity.  Along with these features are numerous Feature enhancements and bug fixes

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What’s New in 16.1

DWOS Version 16.1 contains new features, tools, and enhancements that focus on improving job shop accuracy. Quoting and Pricing have been improved with the addition of Process Level Pricing, Volume Discount Pricing, as well as an Advanced Price Calculator for Quoting.  We have also integrated with Webcams, so adding an image has never been easier.  Additionally, new fields have been added to the Work In Progress (WIP) screen to improve shop visual awareness.
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What's New in 15.2.0

Included in DWOS Version 15.2 are features, enhancements, and improvements to help streamline your processes, customize your experience, and improve overall situational awareness. Features like the new Presentation Mode and Batch Production Report will improve transparency, while Added Pricing Units, and Part-level weight input will help tailor DWOS to your specific needs.
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What's New in 15.1.2

Version 15.1.2 comes with several new exciting features and enhancements that we have been working on this quarter. A few of the many items that we are excited to include are: Changes to Quote Manager to use standard process, Process Manager has new states (Planned, Approved, Closed) for processes, new Dashboard Widgets, ability to use logged in users signature on the Certificate of Conformance, new Advanced Surface Area Calculator, new Label Editor tokens, additional fields added to Packing Slip Report Editor, ability to Split Orders while in a Batch, and the ability to add notes to closed orders.
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What's New in 14.1

Version 14.1 comes with several new features that we have been working on over the last few winter months. This includes over 10 new or updated features including: Holiday Calendar, Certificate of Conformance (CoC) Revisions, Scheduled Orders / WIP, Paper Processing Mode, Part Templates, Freeze Process, Advanced Scanning Options, Import / Export Processes, Field VIsibility, Improved Document Links, and more...